Crazier things have NOT happened.

So I am not sure at this point what is going on in my mothers head. She is now listening at the door of my daughters room. No privacy…. The other night my daughter put her girls to bed and her girlfriend had brought her some wine. She had a rough day…and they had gone to bed planning on cleaning the kitchen in the morning. 

So my mom procedes to pull my daughter to the side as she got home from work and have this conversation with her.

My mom “Honey, my dog woke me up at about 1 in the morning last night. When I got to the kitchen it was still a mess. I was worried that something was wrong so I started towards your room and heard some noises. I almost knocked on the door but I just wasn’t sure if you were in pain or if you were having great lesbian sex.”

My daughter “Well grandma, as you can see I am just fine and I was not in any pain.” Hoping that would be enough she started to walk away. But no, my mother was not yet done.

My mother “So I walked back into the kitchen and cleaned up some of the dishes and again heard some noises from your room. I wasn’t sure if it was you in pain so I walked to your room and listened for a bit just to make sure you were ok.  Now I do not know if it was you or your girlfriend but at this point I was sure that you were not in pain, just having great lesbian sex.”  “So I went back to my bedroom and told your grandpa that you were fine just having great lesbian sex.” 

My daughter of course is just flabbergasted and is not sure what to say. She walks away to inform her girlfriend that her grandmother had eavesdropped during their shenanigans. And she was not sure how to handle that. Especially since my mother tends to wait outside the bathroom when my fighters girlfriend takes a shower. She has heard her scratch at the door trying to get her attention. So she tends to sit and wait until she hears my mother walk to the other room and then runs back to the bedroom. 

There seems to be nothing off limits to my mother. But I also must say…my children are very open with me about their “shenanigans ” sometimes to the point of TMI. But if I so much and mention mine and their dads they are done. Too funny. I tend to play on that just to mess with them. And then just laugh…

I am glad I have an open relationship with my children. But they really do not want to have that same type of relationship with their grandmother. It is just very awkward for them. She of course sees nothing wrong with it.

 To be honest we think my mother has a crush on my daughters girlfriend. They way she is always trying to message her and rub her legs and stuff. Kinda creepy. But maybe she is just way too lonely. Whatever her reasons are it really makes those 2 girls uncomfortable to be around her and try to make mad dashes from their room the the bathroom and back. Or dashing straight to the front door to leave. 

I love my mother but she really needs to be given some boundaries. I am sure she is going to start asking for details on how all that works. So I told my daughter to just put in a video and say watch and learn. The. Walk away. Lol Now that is a look on my mothers face I would like to see…but not actually be there for the inquisition of questions about what she was watching. 

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