You would think I was talking about child rearing but I am not. I am talking about workaholics like myself. I work 12 to 14 hour days. Monday through Friday and the weekend is for my husband and family. I am in demand all day…if not by an employee it is a customer on the phone or in the lobby, or even a sales call on the phone. Anything from equipment not working right to the boss has a question about something in the office. I am pulled every which way for most of my day. Even when I try to sneak in a quick bathroom break…I no sooner get in there I have someone outside the door hollering my name to ask me a question or tell me I have a phone call. 

We need timeouts…silent moments where there is no calls or interuptions. Just some time for ourselves. That is hard to do. I have a hard time shutting down and being unavailable. UNAVAILABE…no one like to be unavailable. But for our health and sanity we need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. 

Nothing is going to go so drastically wrong in an hour that we cannot fix when we get back. There is always a learning opportunity…at least that is what I tell my team. So if they mess up while I am gone I just call it a “learning opportunity”. What to do the next time I am unavailable. 

I know this was short but I need a little me time. I will be taking a timeout.

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