Life after a Hysterectomy 

It has been 6 months since my hysterectomy. It has been a very interesting 6 months. 

First I have no more pain. That is awesome! Plus my energy went up. Hot flashes are down. Iron levels back to normal. Cost of female products are way down. 

Bladder issues…well they are not super bad. But I have more issues with the sneezing or coughing. If I get sick I must wear a panty liner. 

Now down to what a lot of you are wondering…


Well it was very uncomfortable the first time. When the doctor says to use lots of lubricant…they mean it. You need to use it. But try to make sure it isn’t the heated kind the first time back at it. Burns like hell! Lol 

My concern at first was (besides the burning of the heated lube) I felt nothing. No pain of any kind. Which is very unusual. (At least for me) So when there was no pain I wondered if I would ever enjoy it without concern for ripping any stitches or disconnecting and places that were tacked into place. 

It took a little time for me to feel comfortable enough to relax enough to enjoy it but it happened. Sex is now ok and very enjoyable again. I am very grateful for a loving and patient husband. He was very supportive through everything!

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