Tired of the games…

Well I have been in this game with another manager for 18 years. I was nothing but a glorified counter girl to start with…(their words). I battled my way up working long hard hours. (Not their thang…yes I said thang). I am now a manager at the main location. And they are still a manager of the same location they were at when I started.

Now as I have managed this location I have regularly been verbally abused by the other manager. And the owner has repeatedly told me “You need to work with this manager “We are a team, all 3 of us.”

So I try and I help this manager out. Over and over I am nice and do what I can. Heck I have even defended this person to the owner. I have called and given them suggestions to help them out with getting the owner not mad at them any more.

But I am now at my limit. (I know why did it take 18 years…another story altogether) After this last time yelling at me on the phone…playing dumb with the owner about it…then coming into the store I manage and playing sweet and nice saying “I am sorry BUT YOU must have misunderstood me. I was just asking a simple question.” I have to say after the first 5 words I was ready to kill and the more they spoke the angrier I got. And then the following week something they wasn’t supposed to repeat…via the owner…he repeated. Now I didn’t rat them out at first…but then they decided to come into the store I managed and speak to the employees I manage about something that I had conveyed to them the day before saying “I need to hear it directly from the horses mouth.” I have to admit I came unglued.

I went to the owner and said “I am done” “they came into my store basically calling me a liar and started quizzing my employees.” ” it is bad enough that they told an hourly employee (about last week) and they told their mom (who works at my store) and now she is mad at other employees about something that wasn’t supposed to get back to them.”

Well the owner was mad that they were disrespected on that last part. Told me I over reacted on the first part. (my opinion because it didn’t disrespect the owner) and it would be handled.

Yeah like all the other times over the past 18 years has been handled.

I have always told the owner about my mistakes up front so it doesn’t come back on me later. The owners know everyone in town so…but I forget the other manager is not as open and honest so when I say things like “I made so and so happy they will be back” the owner usually asks what are you talking about or he plays along and says remind me of that one again…all the while knowing what the other manager is about.

Any ways, so this manager posts a little story on a social media site…I get wind of it by someone that sees their feed and sends it to me. Basically it is a little story and siblings and a dad…the owner is younger than them and older than me… and how I manipulate the owner and that I am evil and they are innocent of all things.

So being done with the games I basically finally stood up for myself. I said ” I will no longer be party to the games this person is playing. I will have only text conversations with them (group only including the owner). That I have always been honest and forthcoming. If they come into my location I will make sure someone else is present to witness any conversations”

I will not be accused of telling lies or misrepresentation of a situation or words spoken or attitude given with such words.

And if no one is around but me when they show up…I have a record app that will be on and recording.

Now they can fire me for refusing to have verbal phone communication with the other manager. And they still can. I know that I am much more valuable to the company but I am not sure what they see. And I am fine with it if they do. It will be their loss. I will land on my feet. I also feel that I shouldn’t have to be subjected to the games I am subjected to. I have dealt with it for 18 years. I have worked my way up! I am a very hard worker! So I do know my value.