Chapter 6

Marriage during High School

Not one of my best decisions in life. I chose at the age of 16 to get married. In between of my junior and senior year of high school. I wanted to get away from my mother and that life. And my mother had to sign for me to get married…and sign she did. This guy I married was nice and sweet and the brother of one of my mothers friends. He took me to a very nice resort for our honeymoon. I thought it was going to be great. It was for a minute.

We had a very small one bedroom if you could call it that apartment. Red carpet and no windows but it was our first place and I was excited to start a new life.

I went to school from across town. I never missed a day. We had our own place and it was great to be able to come and go as I needed to. There are so many small things that happened over the short marriage I had. This marriage should have been a life lesson learned.

My head was beaten against a tree right outside of our apartment. He hurt me when I didn’t get the specifics on a cardinal game. I had to go to the bathroom and missed a play. He was upset that I missed what a batter did. I was in charge of filing in a play by play sheet for him when he had to work during a game. He was just an abusive man. Verbally, mentally and physically. I also had to have dinner ready when he got home.

At one point I tried to overdose because I didn’t feel I was worth anything and I just didn’t think I could continue on. My mom didn’t want or love me and my husband didn’t seem to want or love me. I was broken. I took a bunch of pills and drank a bunch of Champaign. He ended up taking me to the hospital and they pumped my stomach and made me drink this terrible charcoal drink. And let me tell you the cherry flavoring really did not help it at all. I of course survived and he promised to be better. (They always do) and he did for a very short period of time.

Towards the end…well the last straw for me was…when I had been at my grandmothers house for a visit. I got back and kept calling him for a ride and our home phone kept having a busy signal. So, I called a cab and took a cab home…6 months into our marriage and I came home and he had a whore in my bed. I grabbed his wallet took the money out for the cabby and his car keys and left. Got up the next morning cleared out the account and got a lawyer and filed for divorce. When I went back to get the rest of my things…he had destroyed…DESTROYED…the 12 piece place setting of China my grandmother had handed down to me. All but 1 piece of each.

Yes I finally stood up for myself…but I was very hurt. Yet another man let me down. Men are supposed to protect the females in their lives not destroy them. I am strong and I am weak. I don’t know how to explain this or how to explain how someone can be strong and weak at the same time.

So halfway into my senior year of high school I find myself moving back into my mother’s house…now with more rules than before. That put a bigger strain on that mother daughter relationship. I was always used as the example child so no one else would try anything.

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